Striptease in OFFICE

The OFFICE club invites you to join sacrament of female erotic dance.

To order a female striptease in our club is to plunge into the world of luring beauties and to get unforgettable pleasure from contemplation of the perfection!

The exciting movements of the girl who is slowly getting rid of the items of her clothes, and carrying away you in dreamland –that is exactly what a real man needs after workdays.

We will inform you how much the order of a female striptease in the OFFICE club is and, believe, you will be content!

Remember that the price of a striptease show depends on its variation and number of girls, but the pleasure you get is priceless!

We know where to order a striptease for bored friends or for a bachelor party party of the best friend. We will take care of comfort and a privacy – the order of a home-performed striptease.

The OFFICE club is not an ordinary striptease club, after all we have rejected everything superfluous, and left the most tasty!

  • We have the most forward theme parties where it is possible to be anyone, with anyone and somehow. Only here you can try out being a bad police officer or a strict chief. Here any roles and all liberated girls of the club are under your control.
  • Hot offers for the most experienced audience – private dances on tempting conditions. Instead of 400 UAH, for only 200 UAH you will be able to take pleasure of the captivating beauty pleasure twosome.
  • Take a shower together! Unique opportunity to become the observer or the participant of shower show in the company of luring girls of the club!
  • Existence of 5 private rooms will allow you to visit all places at once just in one night!
  • Unrestrained fun with lively DJs and hosts is expecting you. We will set the proper rhythm to the party.
  • Special alcohol offers from the club — BOTTLE SERVICE. Having bought from us any elite alcohol, you receive a discount of 30%.
  • 500 UAH gift certificates – present your friend a fascinating night in a strip club OFFICE! Unforgettable impressions and the ocean of pleasure!
  • We have no system of tip and table dance, as we care only of your desires. You can express your admiration in an individual way and only at you will within crazy menu offers.

All this and even more expects you in the OFFICE club where devilishly attractive girls set the mad atmosphere to the night. We have the broadest range choice of entertainments for real men.


Invitation card offers you 1 person free offer any day of the week on the chosen date